UK & US Businesses


We will partner with you, to give you access to the largest network of elite humans in the UK & USA (Veterans and Disabled jobseekers).

BESPOKE AND DEDICATED RECRUITMENT: You will have access to our job posting technology and recruitment CRM to focus solely on Veteran and Disabled applications across the UK & USA. We use this system to ensure that our jobseekers get their own route and never get missed in a busy process.

CLIENT PORTAL: You can create your own job openings, review your own candidates, give feedback & make interview decisions.

JOB LISTINGS ON: Adzuna, LinkedIn Jobs, Google jobs, Indeed, Jooble,, Monster & – 75+ portals and more.

Every candidate will have the opportunity to create a digital profile with psychometric analysis, along with a video CV.

As an affiliate member you will be able to display and utilise our full branding packs to compliment your business, whilst highlighting the importance of equal ops employment, our badge of honour is critical in highlighting the importance of equal ops employment. You will receive marketing for your offices and social media, along with editable features for emails and much more… PROUDLY DISPLAY THAT YOU SUPPORT EQUAL OPS EMPLOYMENT!!!!

Finally, and most importantly – You are directly supporting change in a world that just TICKS BOXES – giving us the opportunity to grow this much needed support across the globe!

*Should Equal Ops LTD (15248214) introduce an applicant outside of your job listings/application that results in their employment, a recruitment free may be payable

12 Months recurring subscription