Equal Ops LTD was born in 2023 in a sauna… hear us out!

Our founding partner had an eye-opening conversation with a 3 x Paralympian and a veteran, who expressed their sheer frustration at the elongated and stressful process they went through after leaving professional sport and the military. Ultimately, there wasn’t enough options or support.

Driven by these gentlemen’s outright passion for change, we set upon exploring the most difficult employment sectors in the UK & US – we spoke to disabled individuals who echoed their words, we then spoke to veterans locally who also found themselves unsupported and overlooked when seeking employment – we couldn’t fathom why these elite humans with such transferrable skills were struggling!

So we got to work – after much research, it was evident that a simple equal opportunities act created in 2010 was merely a tick box exercise to tow the line of employment. An act that legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace during all stages of employment and in the wider society was just a copy and paste sentence in some terms and conditions… THAT JUST IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Equal Ops is an affiliation that sets a standard to enable UK & US employers to get better at recruiting and employing Veterans and Disabled individuals. This affiliated standard has been created by one of the UK’s largest employment law solicitors, we believe that during searching for employment and whilst being employed, our core people should be highlighted and not put to the bottom of the pile. 

One UK & US employer at a time, we are on a mission to change the landscape for the most under-represented humans in the employment market – are you with us? 

JOBSEEKERS – You can see our passion and mission are clear, please reach out to us to start your journey to your new career!

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